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Democratic Dilemma

... pretty simple:
people hate each other.
for all different reasons.
people hate you because you are female or male, because you are asian
or black, because you believe or you dont, because you live in a way
that they dont like.
people hate you because you have tits or a schlong, because you pray
or your gay, because you like this or dislike that.
people hate you because they dont understand the way you act think or
they dont understand your world and beliefs, your habits or your
they simply hate you for all that many reasons, mostly because of
ignorance and a lack of real interest in the rest of the world.
when people hate you, theyre starting to kill you.
the western world thinks of itself as prettey civlized, but its the
contrary. the western world only supresses and disguises or hides the
hate in their society, but its still there.
just think about some recent examples. for example the gay movement
in poland, and the public hate and anti demonstrations and
streetfights during the gay protests.
just look at all the hate inside of the american nation, the blacks
and hispanics versus the established white middleclass.
the white middle and upperclass people in southern american states,
especially bolivia and chile. have you ever taken part in those "high
society" parties and listened to their hate speeches when they talk
about their own indio and "native" fellow people.
everybody and their brother hates each other.
and europe is not so much different.
problem number one is still that we as humans dont see or fellow
humans as "humans" in the first place, but the first thing we see is
all those "differences".
we see women, men, children, old, gay, believers, infidels, blacks,
hispanics, tall, little, fat, ugly, foreign, disabled, mutants,
clones, extraterrestrials, crazy, mentallyill, sick, .........
when will we start seeing fellow humans as humans only. forget about
all the rest. it doesnt matter.
it musnt matter if you want to have a peaceful world.